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Create, Protect, & Use your copyright works with Karana IP Law at your side.


Karana IP Law can provide you support in developing, protecting, & strategizing your brands and trademarks in the marketplace.


Karana IP Law can provide you with protecting your inventions with provisional, non-provisional, or design patents.

Trade Secrets

Ensure your Business' confidential information is protected.

Music Licensing

If you are an Artist, Musician, or Producer, contact Karana IP Law to protect your music copyrights.

Name & Likeness Endorsements

Make sure your name & likeness is protected with strong contract language.

IP Licensing

Karana IP Law can provide you support in licensing negotiations.

Entity Formations

Set up your business correctly with Karana IP Law.

DMCA Takedowns

Take down infringing works online with Karana IP Law.

Contract Drafting & Negotiation

Get an experienced contract drafter and negotiator to protect your interests.

Industries Served


Protect your musical compositions and sound recordings with Karana IP at your side.

Arts & Entertainment

Karana IP Law understands the nuances of copyright law to help you protect your works of art.


Karana IP Law is experienced in automotive and emerging areas like blockchain and cryptocurrencies industries.


The cannabis industry is growing fast. Karana IP Law can help you obtain necessary licenses and protect your IP in an emerging field.


Karana IP Law can assist with blockchain related technologies and companies.